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This device stores air from a floor pump up to 230psi which can then be released into tubeless and other tyres to quickly inflate them and press the tyre bead correctly to the rim. (Acts like a compressor).  [PRÉSENTATION] • Tubeless Tank by Zéfal - YouTube

  • Everything is contained in the "Tank" - Hoses, fittings and air storage
  • Provides instant inflation and rapid fit of tubeless tyres to rims
  • Valve tool included
  • Direct connection to valve without any loss of air
  • Stores up to 16 Bar 230psi of pressure
  • Hose length 1000mm
  • Alloy tank with thermoplastic cover
  • Tank capacity 1 Litre
  • Easy to carry - Weight 1.6kg
  • Zefal product