TomTom Camera Accessories - Tripod Adapter

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With the TomTom Tripod Adapter, you can get a stable, third-person shot from your Bandit camera.

Stable shots: Stabilise the camera on any surface when combined with a tripod.*

Repeatable shots: Mounting the camera on a stationary mount will allow you to take the same shot over and over again

Unassisted third-person shots: Capture a third-person shot from a distance when you're on your own.

DIY mounting combinations: Mount your camera to any 1/4" thread interface, either bought in-store or as part of a custom-made mounting solution.**

*Make sure the surface and tripod are stable and support the camera weight.

**The 1/4" thread interface should not be used in high speed or high impact situations, as it does not guarantee a 100% lock.

Compatible with the TomTom Bandit Base Pack and TomTom Bandit Premium Pack.