Racing Optics Speed Stack 7 Tear Offs

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Laminated tear offs for clear vison.

Available for Scott, Oakley and Smith goggles. The Smith goggles are also a universal fit.

Each pack contains 2 sets of 7 tear-offs (meaning 14 tear-offs in total).

The most often heard statement we receive after showing the SpeedStack 7 to racers...Why?

Well, we're glad you asked that question because the answer is not quite as obvious as you might think.

For years we have all been facing the same problem - clear vision during the course of the race. As mud and dirt fly up they splatter on our goggles! The earliest solutions involved layering clear polyester (plastic) on top of the goggles and tearing the layers off as they got dirty.

Great, except since we were looking through many layers we created a secondary problem (in some cases the "solution" was worse than the problem) as the layers stacked up vision was reduced by the many surfaces we had to look through. Since each tearoff has two sides (the front and the back side), we were faced with attempting to look through 14 surfaces if 7 tearoffs were stacked up.

That's where Racing Optics comes in...our patented technology laminates the tearoffs into a single stack and we effectively reduce the number of surfaces down to two!