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Small Motorcycle Performance

Performance tyre for small motorcycles.  The M45 offers high performance and road hugging stability.  Reinforced casing for resistance to punctures and damage.  Highly efficient water dispersion. S rated for up to 180 kph.  These tyres are ideal for Bucket, Classic & Historic racing.

The M45 tyre, designed for mid-cylinder motorcycles (80cc to 250cc), has a round profile and interlocked tread blocks for improved manoeuvrability and reduced vibration. The open tread and central groove design provides outstanding wet road adhesion. The tyre also offers longer life due to the extra thickness of rubber in the centre of the tread, which provides more even wear.

New Zealand Market feedback.

Postie Bikes

M45`s have been used extensivly on postie bikes along with M62`s

Feedback has been very good.

Traction is very good wet and dry.

All weather Postie riders have commented that their bikes feel much more planted with the Michelin fitted.

In addition they have commented that the tyres are robust.

The Michelins have proven resistant to continual curb crossing.