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The Hot Take beverage holder is a super hot take on how to carry a beverage by bike. Designed specifically for use with Kleen Kanteen/Miir/Hydroflask containers. The Hot Take is intended for use with cylindrical shaped vessels, so tall boys fit fine! The bottom strap is adjustable, allowing the Hot Take to accommodate 12-24oz containers.  Meticulously constructed of three layers for maximum functionality. The inner layer embraces your beverage with a soft microfiber that won't scratch your container. The outer layer is crafted of a bombproof nylon for long lasting durability, with an elastic band that allows for varying bottle sizes. In between these two layers is a firm but flexible plastic liner that provides rigidity, meaning your Hot Take will never lose its shape. Three points of attachment fasten to your stem, handlebars, and steerer tube for a firm hold, providing carefree riding and sipping. 


·  Velcro straps fit any bike - Fits either left or right of stem

   Fits 12-24oz bottles or cans

·  Three points of velcro attachment - fasten to your stem and head tube

·  Constructed primarily of nylon and microfiber

·  Rigid construction won't lose it's shape

·  4.5" Tall x 4" Diameter

Adjustable velcro bottom for various bottle sizes

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