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WALL CHARGER: The Universal Wall Charger is an international wall charger which allows you to recharge your Contour cameras wherever you go. Select the plug for the country, connect the USB to your camera, and in about three hours your camera will be ready to rejoin the action. Charge time is approximately three hours. For use with Contour Cameras and Contour USB Battery Charger (sold separately).

CAR CHARGER: Charge your camera on the go. Keep recording while charging your camera or power down to recharge even faster. Note: VholdR is compatible for charging only.

WATERPROOF CASE: The new Waterproof Case fits your ContourHD and ContourHD1080p Wearable Camcorder (ALSO AVAILABLE FOR GPS MODEL) like a hard plastic glove. Slide your ContourHD into the case, latch it down, and begin capturing your favorite water adventures. Don't worry, the waterproof case keeps your favorite functionality like a single record button, laser alignment, and TRail mounts. Even better are the two safety latches on the back of the case to lock it onto any of the TRail mounts. Suitable for the VholdR Wearable Camcorder as well, but with limited functionality on the record switch and power button. Waterproof up to 10 metres. Compatible with TRail mounts and/or standard 1/4"-20 mounts.

LENS KIT: The Lens Kit is a little TLC for your ContourHD or VholdR Wearable Camcorder. It includes extra lens covers and even a replacement Lens Ring for when you put it through the ringer. And even better, with the Lens Adaptor Ring, you can now screw on a standard 37mm lens filter.