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The AXO DART takes aim at the style, feature and value conscious off-road and MX rider and racer.

The unique shape of the calf and shin plate act as an open cell absorption chamber allowing impacts and blows to deform the plastic and lessen the force directed to the leg.

By using PU coated leathers, perforated materials and foam-backed synthetics on the outer construction, the weight of the Dart is substantially less than the others.

The shape and location of the side struts allow complete freedom of movement forward and back while limiting the side-to-side rotation that results in twisted ankles.

A 3D stitched instep and heel panel flexes freely while the compression of materials limits unwanted under and over stretch.

A brushed leather burn guard and a shape specific die cut rubber gaiter combine with the supportive medial plastic.

The lining of the Dart features open cell foams, expanded mesh panels and multi-layered and positioned foam padding.

The non-slip heel pocket holds your foot in the boot reducing the chance of blisters.

Features include:

  • Top grain leather panels
  • Injection molded PU construction
  • Suede leather heat panel
  • Extra wide 3D stitched instep
  • Stitched heel flex panel
  • Stretch rubber top gaiter
  • Molded PU ankle support
  • Replaceable PU buckles
  • Floating buckles self position
  • Bonded AXO exclusive molded sole
  • Internal fiber toe guard
  • Molded mid sole and steel shank
  • Bootee free mesh and synthetic lining
  • Removable foot bed insert