Ariete Goggles - Lenses and Tear-Offs

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All Ariete goggles are compatible with the range of double lenses.

Main features:

  • lenses in Lexan®
  • Internal coating of anti-fog material
  • External coating of anti-scratch material
  • Versions with two pins for tear-offs fitting
  • Versions with two holes for roll-off mounting
  • UV-A, UV-B, UV-C 100% radiation protection
  • NOT for street use
  • Versions of double lenses ventilated
  • Versions of coloured lenses and multi-layer treatments


Four available versions of tear-offs

  • for standard lenses
  • for ventilated lenses
  • for roll-off
  • laminated - for professional racers! This is a clearly superior laminated tearoff system that works like traditional products, only faster and easier! Mount 7 layers at one time and stack up to 21 tearoffs with undistorted optical clarity. Highest quality available, advanced patented technology by Racing Optics® USA. IMPORTANT: Install with "Racing Optics®" label facing out. Fold each tab individually with hole centered over post.


12964-TOLE STANDARD, Kit 5 stacks 6 Tearoffs per stack (for lenses)
12964-TOLL Kit 3 stacks 7 LAMINATED Tearoffs (for lenses)
12964-TORO STANDARD Kit 3 stacks 6 Tearoffs per stack (for Roll-Off)
12964-TOV Kit 3 stacks 6 Tearoffs / stack (for ventilated lens)