26'', 29'' & Adjustable Bike Hand Stands

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The BikeHand Bike Stand has a very durable & rigid design. It is the quickest & easiest way to park or display your bike, fits all bikes and it does not take up much floor space. Rubber tipped to protect deraillieur. Now also available in 3 sizes - 26'', 29'' & Adjustable 26 to 29.

  • One piece powder coated 
  • Rubber tips provide protection at point of contact with frame
  • Steel construction - Strong & Stable
  • Bases measure 270mm x 135 to 190mm wide
  • To increase height of the adjustable stand - just pull out the lock pin & adjust to desired height & the pin springs back into place
  • 26'' Stand height is 380mm,  29'' stand height is 430mm, Adjustable stand is 440mm